Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mandala for July

I feel like I have a lot to reflect on and be grateful for right now, and an evening moonlodge making a mandala was just what I needed.  Lucy brought the ingredients this time, a beautiful cherry tree stump and herb cuttings from her garden.

 I love that Holly started in the middle (her third is pictured top here, with the 'starburst'), she moved away from linear design - I shall attempt to remember this next time!

 I was lucky to be hosting and get to have the mandala rest in my sacred space.  The view from the house was just gorgeous and I felt very privileged last night.

Even this morning, my Day of the Dead skull (This is what I have dubbed it anyway!) still looked impressive.  Of the two we have made so far, this is my favourite.  I love that I intentionally drew a skull on the last one, and this one just accidentally ended up looking like one!

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