Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympic torch

As with everything this summer, it rained cats and dogs on the day the torch went through southampton.  Undeterred we caught the bus into town and were lucky enough to find shelter under the bargate.  The procession were handing out these 'drums' to make sure there was lots of noise to see the torch through.

Not so lucky torch watchers standing in the rain

Our view of the direction the torch would be coming in.  It was so festive and noisy and patriotic - just my thing!

The children were given flags by the procession, and we had quite a long wait for the torch, so Lochie (and me to be fair!) became obsessed with waving his torch under this friendly ladies ipad and watching it on the camera screen..

We were both fascinated!
Then quick as a flash, the torch was here, and gone and it was all over.

Just brilliant!
Nice to witness a bit of history - that will never happen again in our life times :-)

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