Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Before and after (during?)

 Me and my beautiful family at Christmas last year - 251211.  This is me at my heaviest weight - post Niamh anyway.  I was heavier after Brenna, but lost lots before getting pregnant with Niamh.  I was huge after Lochie too, and didn't get a chance to shift any before Brenna arrived.

Me today 010812 - lightest adult weight EVER!
In 8 months I have lost 3st, with just under 1st left to go - although I might be happy before that.. I have trained for and achieved 2 x 50mile cycling sportives and 1 triathlon, with 2 x cycling sportives (54 and 66 miles respectively) still to go this year.  Next year I hope to complete another triathlon (at least) and a couple of sportives (at least!), but my cycling life mission is to complete a 100 mile sportive...  I want to become a Centurian (and then retire!) next October!  The only thing I miss from the first photo is my pink hair, but it's not currently conducive to lots of swimming (and/or sweating)!

You know you've lost the weight.  The scales tell you, your loose clothes tell you (actually my clothes weren't staying up before I admitted they needed sorting).  But it isn't until random friends who you don't see tell you how great you look, when they give you a spontaneous compliment that costs them nothing, but means the world to you, that you start to believe that you do look different.  Then you hunt out old pics and astound yourself at how big you were - and finally admit that it didn't feel that great.

If my sole goal this year was to get fit and lose weight, then I think I may be ready to say I have achieved it.. Perhaps?!  Who knew what I was capable of!  Who knew how much fun it could be!

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  1. Bloody well done you!!! Sorry for the swear, but I think it was justified! ;-)