Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Had to share this today!  Rebecca over at Weight Wars posted this to Facebook this morning and it made me chortle.  I often wonder if people get sick of me posting about my workouts!  Ha ha!  But as I always say, this is my blog and my facebook page, it's about me - you choose to read it :-)
This also caught my attention, posted by Adem Eker to facebook this morning.  I suspect that everyone can look at this image and place the meaning into their life.  For me, this was Whitchurch Hill last Sunday.  This is worrying about 10 days on my own with the kidlets in Sept.  This is my continuing search for enlightenment.  This is me, right now, trying to put meaning to the many connotations this picture offers.
Another facebook offering today, artist Jen Otey:
The path to self-discovery is filled with choices that the heart must make. One can choose to remain bound to a feeling because it is familiar or one can set it free and to rise into the unknown to truly discover themselves.

Last nights soup.  AMAZING - had it again for lunch today.  Chickpea and tomato
Despite what the recipe says, I blended the chickpeas in for thick hearty soup.  Topped with coriander and toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  I had it with 2 slices of wholemeal toast - YUMMERS!

We are off to Reading tomorrow, my sister is moving house and I love a bit of unpacking and organising action.  Plus a bike ride with my Dad is on the cards, obviously!

Feel great today - no aches and mostly much better rested.  I had thought to go for a run tonight, but Paul is late home and I think I will save my legs for any hills you just know will come my way in the next couple of days.

Happy Tuesday peeps x x

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  1. Soup looks amazing! I love that artwork too :)