Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sportive photo

Before I forget, here is the photo from last weeks Sportive - not a great quality shot, the photographer has done something weird to it (my waterbottle lids are actually red!) but I managed a smile despite my slow burning death..!!  We were really disappointed that we didn't get a picture of my Dad, I have emailed the Sportive peeps and we have our fingers crossed, but I am beginning to think there isn't one.  He is just out of shot here, in front of me going over the bridge. My post about the actual day is here.

And I was brave this evening, I have talked to Paul about all of my emotions regarding RAB and I feel like I can start blogging again - its hard to blog when you can't talk about what you are feeling because you haven't talked it through with your husband..!!  Ha ha, anyway.  There is a great video here in case you are wondering what on earth it is that Paul is going to do for 9 days starting a week on Saturday.

Oh, oh, and another thing - after taking last week off, I diligently got back in my trainers, or saddle and ran 5k on Sunday and then I cycled 27 miles on my own last Monday!  The ride was a bit of a coup for me because I just found a route on Endomondo, Paul uploaded it to Garmin for me and off I pedalled..  I was taught a lesson too, a route that says 'hilly RIP' is not going to be easy, and it really wasn't!!!

And a big hello to Rosanna!!  Nice to 'meet' you, love your blog - I stole your ecard in honour of my getting back to it x x

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