Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life will find a way

Back in June we made this Mandala, using dried seeds, nuts, rice, raisons and other bits and bobs.  The full blog post is here.  All of the items I contributed were long past their sell by dates and had out lived their usefulness..

Whoever hosts the Moonlodge, hangs on to the Mandala until such time that they feel it has served its purpose.  With this Mandala I couldn't decide how to dispose of it, so we decided to leave it in the garden for the birds to eat, and the rain to slowly wash away.

It went into the garden complete, and 4 weeks later was pretty much all gone.  Except for several chickpeas - dried, out of date chickpeas from Sainsburys - which had sprouted!  They had firmely rooted themselves in the miniscule amount of sand that remained and were thriving!

So naturally I repotted them, and 2 weeks on it would appear that I am now growing chickpea plants!

More info on growing chickpeas here - funnily enough there wasn't much in my usual reference points!

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