Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moonlodge and Mandala for August

I have had two gorgeous evenings celebrating womanhood, myself and our connections.  I spend all of my time being a mother, a wife or a would be athlete, and sometimes its just fabulous to be me and celebrate life.
Thursday night was the womb blessing and my last intro to yoga at The Sanctuary.  I struggled to find my feet at the sanctuary at first, they are a world away from my world, but rather at the last I found that actually their way is pretty amazing. 
Then on Friday night Lucy and I went to Holly's, for our full moonlodge and Mandala evening.  We took some inspiration from the womb blessing, and together with an amazing curry curtesy of Holly, we had a meaning evening.

This one has an Aztec feel to it.  I think the metal plate and skull beads lend themselves to a Mayan theme or similar, don't you think?  We noted during the making of it, that the other two were 'natural' ie food and then flowers, so it was ok for the colours to be hap hazard, but this was beads and therefore needed some thought - although I couldn't tell you why!!

And in other news, I cycled my furthest distance on my own last Friday.  31 miles up Portsdown hill.  I actually hated every moment of the way back, it was wet and windy and the tonne lorries were hurtling past little old me, and I had a little cry when I got in (you know me!) but I did it and I am aware of the achievement!!  Together with some great cycling I have been doing with my amazing Dad of late, I seem to have worked up the courage to put my money where my mouth is..  I'm going for a taster cycle with Fareham Wheelers tomorrow morning.  I AM TERRIFIED!  Will I spot them ok to meet up?  Will I have everything I need?  Will I be able to keep up?  Will I be able to do the distance?  Will there be any women?  What on earth will we talk about....?  I have to keep thinking of the first time I did a spin class, the first time I ran 5k..  All these firsts.  I am not the same person I was at the beginning of year.  I can do this.  I bloody can and I will, of course, report back.  Think of me!!

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