Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Can you believe this is the fourth share I've done?  Seems to me that Wednesday comes round quicker and quicker and the time it takes me to eat my food gets longer and longer as I tweak and photograph it..!  So, today started with my usual muesli, banana and fruit juice
Mid morning was a coffee and an apple
For lunch I made mahoosive egg and watercress snadwiches, which we shared with pretzels and strawberrys
I'm trying a new herbal tea this week, after huge and painful supermarket deliberations I  f i n a l l y chose 'Yogi mint and licorice'. It doesn't quite hit the spot like my Lipton Morroco. However I LOVE the teabag label, what an inspiring cup of tea!  (I should also note at this point that we had an afternoon film with Vikki and the herd, and there was chocolate involved, although I didn't get a picture - so I'm leaving it at my virtuous herbal tea)

For dinner I made Chicken Satay with noodles and it was amazing.  We haven't had it for ages, and anything with peanuts and cashews is a winner in this house. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals and although making it in 30 mins is nigh on impossible, it tastes grrrreat.

And remember - ALL herbal tea should be served specifically in a glass cup/tankard, thus making the drink 'special'.  Herbal tea is 'special' because it makes you feel virtuous.  I like to drink out of a glass half pint tankard, so I get to feel like a warrior in a tavern - virtuously obv.!
There you go, thats what I ate this Wednesday.  Now go and join in the game and see what everyone else ate today!!


  1. Your 'What I Ate Wednesday' posts always make me hungry!! In my experience, nothing from Jaime's 30 Minute Meals can actually be made in 30 minutes he he.