Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We're in Reading for a couple of days, staying with my parents because my sister and brother-in-law move house tomorrow and we are helping out (as helpful as it gets with 3 kidlets anyway!).  Breakfast today was porridge and fruit - a nice change to the normal muesli

Mid morning was coffee and more fruit

By crazy chance I had puy lentil and goats cheese salad again today, same as last Wednesday, and I made it for all the family, which we had with crusty bread whilst sat outside in the sunshine, followed by rhubarb yoghurt.

As an aperitif before tea we all had a beer ('stubby' in our house) and some pretzels.  Dinner was onions, bacon, cheese and eggs all scrambled up and served in a split wholemeal pitta.  Followed by melon and an ice lolly.  Delish!

Happy Wednesday Clanettes x x

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  1. This post (and last weeks) has inspired me to add puy lentils to my salad. Had it for lunch today, together with a little feta, olives, cucumber and flaked almost, a pitta and some tzatziki - bloomin tasy and more filling than your average salad. Thank you!