Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts on Friday

I was nervous about this week.  The first few days after Paul goes back to work from a break of any kind are tough - the kidlets and I have to find our rhythm again.  But it was ok!  We got up and took Monday by the scruff of the neck and filled our day nicely and the rest of the week just fell into place.

The kidlets have finished their week long swimming crash course and Bebe has passed her grade 1 badge, meaning she is now onto grade 2 - 'proper' swimming of mini distances without buoyancy aids!  Amazing - she is at home in the water.  Lochie is so nearly there, but he lacks confidence.  Throughout the last school year Bebe had a Tuesday morning lesson, to coincide with pre-school, and Lochie had an after-school lesson on a Wednesday - Yes, Niamh and I went and sat poolside every Tues and Weds.
Very cleverly, I thought anyway, I got Bebe enrolled nice and early into the same class as Lochie on a Wednesday afternoon and felt very smug at my 'two birds, one stone' achievement.  Little did I think that Bebe would move into a higher class!!  Niamh also starts a toddler swimming class on a Friday morning come September, she and I will go in together.. 
Bebe, quite clearly, absolutely adores the water and has no fear - she was the smallest kidlet in their class this week and the only one to be brave enough to jump into the big pool with the instructor - they learn in a small, shallow pool and the big pool was a treat for those who wanted it.  I think Lochie is motivated by beating Bebe..  Something he is very used to doing, and I think he was shocked when she passed a test he didn't.
Paul and I decided long ago that there were two basic things we each took for granted growing up - riding a bike and being able to swim.  So whilst I am facing 3 separate poolside/class schedules again - and I do feel slightly insane at the prospect - I am also grateful that they have the opportunity to learn.

Exercise wise, this has been a light week - much needed after my many cycling adventures last week.  Over the weekend I had Saturday as a much needed rest day, then I cycled on my own on Sunday, then ran and swam with Lucy on Monday, cycled with Emma on Tuesday and am now resting until Sunday..  Sunday Sunday..!
Sunday is my 3rd Sportive of the year, details here and we are unclear of the route - but it looks hilly!!  I shall of course, report back as you know I will.

We are off to Reading tomorrow, staying with my parents before the ride on Sunday.  Paul is doing the long distance, my Dad and I are doing the short distance (when did 50+ miles become 'short'!?) and my amazing Mum is doing the Kidlet do. (The posts about my other sportives can be found here and here)

I have made a purposeful effort to eat better and more importantly, eat 'more' this week (I am going to talk more of this in a future post, and am coining it 'eating right').  When I started this journey my goal was to lose weight, and secondary to that, was to get fit.  I have lost the majority of my weight now, but I am struggling to lose the mentality behind losing weight and switch over to eating right for training.  I need to eat more of the right type of foods and I am struggling with this..  Any advice gratefully received!  Anyway, to this end I have started logging my intake and output at 'myfitnesspal'  Its laborious and dull, but I hope to see a pattern emerge, one that I can use to pinpoint my weird exercise headaches.

Speaking of headaches, I went for my ultrasound scan this week and happily everything on the inside looks good.  Sadly this means that I don't know why I feel so poorly and experience such heavy menstruation.  Although I do think my headaches could be linked - hormonally maybe.  In an effort to remain positive and pro-active I have gone for more acupuncture (I rave about acupuncture in another post here after I hurt my back) and will have a couple more sessions before my next period.  Can't hurt right?!

So, with my round up done, I shall bid you all a happy weekend.  Have a good one Clanettes xxx

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