Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!  This is my second week joining in with 'Peas and Crayons'
Today started with a glass of Apple and Cherry Juice, quickly followed by Muesli, milk and chopped banana.

Mid morning saw a cup of Morrocan spiced tea and an apple

 Lunch was Green lentil, goats cheese and spinach salad, with toast.  Followed by natural yoghurt, smothered in honey and almonds.

 Dinner should have been left over curry from the freezer, similar to last weeks in fact, but my wonderful husband took pity on me and brought me home my favourite - Sainsburys tuna, coriander and lime fishcakes.  Which we had with chips from the freezer and beans.  That was followed by a Starbar.  Perfect tea in my opinion!!

I have noticed for the second week running that I make a real effort with perfecting the look of my food on a Wednesday.  Rather than just slopping it onto a plate, I take my time, I slowly sprinkle my topping or almonds or what have you, and I actually think it might taste better as a result..  A lesson perhaps!

And remember - ALL herbal tea should be served specifically in a glass cup/tankard, thus making the drink 'special'.  Herbal tea is 'special' because it makes you feel virtuous.  I like to drink out of a glass half pint tankard, so I get to feel like a warrior in a tavern - virtuously obv.!

Now go, scidaddle, go and take a look at what everyone else ate today x x

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  1. I think you're so right about taking the extra moment to pay attention to how your food looks! Everything sounds (and looks) delicious. Glad to connect with you!