Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bank holiday weekend

Hello Clanettes!  I am sorry it has been a few days.  We have been busy in Reading, helping my sister and brother-in-law settle into their new house and today we have been out having too much fun cycling and swimming.

I thought I'd quickly just mark the day though - 2 weeks til RAB and Paul's rider number and info arrived yesterday.  We are in full on count down and a task the children and I will do this week is to find a big image of the uk (probably photocopied and enlarged a squillion times) and then spend some time marking the rough points where Daddy will be each day whilst he is away.

Paul seems very calm and collected - just me who is, as ever, emotionally charged!  I feel like we are finally at the edge of the last 9 months.  Bit like pregnancy... Or maybe not!!

Anyway, happy long weekend xxxx

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