Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recent photos of note

Kidlets and friends
Lochies boot stuck in the mud - a crabbing accident by the jetty at Manor Farm (don't worry, he was fine!)
Heading out for a ride with my Dad - 47 mile round trip to the Sustainability centre in East Meon

I took several pics of Bebe and Niamh doing 'Yoga' in the garden after their night camping out (the boys are still in the tent here, on the right).  When I quizzed her, she laughed at me because I'm silly, she was practising her Power Ranger moves!

Cycing to Karate with the tag-a-long

In motion shot - I love this!!  (Don't think about hands off the handle bars or other fatal mishaps!)

Pancakes!  Every stay-cation needs pancakes, particularly when you've been camping in the back garden!

Bunting I gifted to new friends

Eating fresh food from the garden

Lochie participated in the Fareham Wheelers 'Ride-along games' and won the last race by being the fastest!

Birk Girls!  Tanned toes and nail polish
The Devine Feminine
Lugh wreath for the Tippers

Gather all ye healers and illuminators!
Gather in Sacred Circle and gather in Tribes.
Gather in Nature or gather in temples.
Gather to pray. Gather to sing.
Gather to dance. Gather to drum.

It matters not where or how we gather, only that we do!
United we stand. Divided we fall.

This is a pic I took with my phone when I was cycling last Sunday.  This is on my 15 mile loop and this is my favourite road to ride on.  The weather was glorious and although the picture doesn't really do it justice, I love that at the top of this rise, for a split second the tress make a tunnel into the sunlight.  I feel like I'm about to head into a portal into another dimension.  Like the Men-an-Tol, or something from a Charles de Lint book!  More than just getting some exercise in, and more than just trying to go further and faster, I have some of my most spiritual moments on my bike.  I pretend I don't like cycling on my own, but sometimes you have to be on your own to have your own experiances.

And two boasts to finish off!!  I cycled 125 miles last week, over the course of 6 days.  My biggest cycling week this year so far and I loved it!
Last night I ran 5k in the gym, in 35.09 - new PB

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