Friday, March 15, 2013

An amazing end to the week

Clanettes! Tonight I am coming to you from a fabulous converted barn deep in the Devon countryside, from a place called Bideford. We are staying here for a week, to celebrate my Dads 60th birthday and have a family holiday.

Yesterday my nearest and dearest friends held a cake and fizz morning for me, because I won't see some of them now til after The Op. I was so touched by their thoughtfulness. They had baked, we had bucksfizz, an amazing soundtrack (all the songs had 'back' in their title - i.e. Taylor Swift, we are never getting 'back' together.. loved the thought process!) and I was lifted and humbled by their care for me. My only regret from the morning is that I wasn't able to get some pics. Thank you so much ladies, it means the world to me x x x

Yesterday was also parents evening at school, and both Lochie and Bebe are doing so well. I think I have already mentioned, Lochie is on the 'gifted and talented' register and is flying along. Bebe has really found herself at school, and I was proud to see she was one of very few on the '100% attendance wall of fame'.
Bebe is on the left hand side in the green coat - partially obscured by the flash, but I didn't dare attempt a second covert piccy!

Today we left bright and early and drove to Bideford. An hour into our journey Niamh was hugely sick, vomiting everywhere and I felt so sorry for her. I used to get (and on occasion still do) car/travel sick and I could really empathise with her. It was a ludicrous situation, because we pulled over in the middle of nowhere, armed only with wet wipes against a tide of thick porridge vomit..!! Niamh bless her, shivered in just her vest whilst we wiped everything down.

My parents arrived at our barn first, we arrived not long after, and my sister and her family arrived this evening. Em was in hospital herself this week, and I am looking forward to spending the week aiding her recovery.

Some shots of the downstairs - its huge, amazing and open plan

More updates to come, happy weekend x x x

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