Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Touching base..

Hi Clanettes!
After last weeks post, work came through and said they would hold my job open for me, if I could make it in on Monday (yesterday) and join the rest of the new team for the first day of training. To say I was delighted, thrilled and over the moon is an understatement. Its the principle of the thing really - to have my job open and waiting for me is the same as assuring me that my life will wait until I'm well enough to get Back to it.

Yesterday was just great. Paul took Niamh to my parents super early o-clock before going to work himself, Emma took the Bigs before school for me and dropped them off, then my amazing parents drove Niamh home in time to collect the Bigs from school. THANK YOU!

As the store is still being built and fitted, the new team are training in a hotel for now and the day was full of high energy, laughter and team building games in the afternoon. I really enjoyed it. I am gutted that I'm going to miss the next 8 weeks, but so excited to get stuck in come May.

We had a great weekend. We got loads of jobs done in the house, Lochie went to karate grading and achieved his green belt, we did some craft jobs (all to be revealed soon!) and we are looking forward to going on holiday on Friday.

In other news, Paul (http://www.paul-christie.co.uk/) and his friend Adam (http://www.adambrushett.co.uk/)have agreed to work with Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, a charity working to beat childhood cancer. See their website http://www.childrenscancer.org.uk/
Paul and Adam have formed a new 'Charity Heroes' team and they will be raising money and awareness for childrens cancer, with some of their sporting escapades. Its all very exciting for them, take a look at their first vlog:

and then the out takes!!

We are in full holiday prep mode here, and with the house being tidier than usual my mood is good. Lots to look forward to next week - full denial re the 25th is for now at least, is working well.

Thanks for reading x x

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  1. That's great news about your job! Congrats to Lochie -- what a great pic :)