Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back for an update on the main topic..

So. Surgery is booked for the 25th March. We are still going on holiday to Cornwall the week before, and I will go in the Monday we are home. My mum will come and stay so that Paul has some support and the kidlets will go to school etc, then we will go straight to stay with my parents for the 2 weeks of Easter school holiday.

This all feels so sudden to me. I look at the posts I wrote in November, just 12 weeks ago and I was feeling amazing with lots of busy plans going on and huge amounts of exercise, then over Christmas the odd back niggle and now I am at the point of being grateful if I get to lunch time before I start taking pain killers to keep me on my feet. By the evening I am reclined with a wheat bag and then in bed, with Paul taking my socks off for me because I can't bend to them.

RIDICULOUS!! I'm so angry about it all - which again is ridiculous because this is totally treatable and fixable and in another 12 weeks I will be getting back on my beloved bike..

My MRI scan showed that I have a 'Three level disc degeneration and a Spondylolisthesis'. I'm sorry, a what?? Huh? I have spent hours googling the term and I think the best description of the problem is found here. Anyway, I guess the important bit is that it can be fixed and I am having an 'L3-S1 instrumented fusion' to pull everything back into place...

It will look like this..
I am so scared. That is my overwhelming feeling really. Scared of having it done, scared of not having it done. Scared I will be able to feel those screws for the rest of my life. Scared it goes wrong... yada yada.  I had another little freak out yesterday when speaking to the consultants secretary and she casually told me I'd be spending the first 2 nights in intensive care... Isn't intensive care for really poorly people...?

Ahem. Anyway. I am taking the opportunity to have a house sort out. A spring clean if you will. I have talked in the past about not being a fan of house work, well that's fine for me, but I don't feel like I can leave it for my mum who IS a fan of house work. Plus, she will be sleeping in our bedroom (Paul will move to the spare bed in the lounge) and I would like everything to be as easy and stress free as possible for her whilst she is in charge.

Today I started in the lounge, deep cleaning and sorting. This feels like something positive I can cope with. My mum notwithstanding, it will be nice to come home and recuperate in a clean and clear house. I just need to do a little bit everyday and hey presto!

Well, that's the plan, anyway.
Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Sorry to hear about you impending operation, I hope it all goes well, and like you said you'll be back to normal and fighting fit in no time!

  2. I wish so much that I could give you a massive cuddle.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, I appreciate that xx