Sunday, September 6, 2015

Recapping week 1

I've had a great week for movement. I feel so energetic and inspired. I have been to the gym twice with my personal trainer, trained at home with paul, brisk walked round the park, sprinted to and from school three times a day and recorded it all with my vivofit.

My unofficial weigh in this morning gives me a 9lb loss this week. Squeeeeeee. A great start with weight watchers, I'm absolutely thrilled, but it also serves to prove how awfully I have been eating!
Here are some of the delights I have taken the time to cook for myself (and the fam) over the last 7 days, to nourish and look after myself.
Beef stuffed courgettes with pesto rice and salad
Greek yoghurt with strawberrys and a drizzle of choc shot
Winner winner chicken dinner! Roast chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables, corn and gravy
Chicken stir fry in a fajita wrap 'bowl'. I made the bowl by baking the wrap over an upside down dish in the oven and leaving it to cool, I sprayed mine with fry lite and dusted it in paprika. My fave dish of the week. I want to serve everything in a wrap bowl!!
Quorn burgers served in 'thins' with feta salad
Steam in the bag chicken breast and veg, with rice and corn

Niamh is full time in school now, with the bigs, and I am doing some over time at work. This week is a challenge because my PT is on holiday so I'm going to have to rely on myself in the gym #firstworldproblems and I will only be sprinting to school twice a day. However, I'm ready for week 2.
Bring it on. 


  1. DROOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL alert! Well done you for getting on it in spectacular style x

  2. Let me know if you plan to do a park walk after morning school run mon's and tue's, I would love to join you!