Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bers #BLASTseptember

It's the first of September and tomorrow all three of my babies go to school.. I've been at home with one or more kiddiewinks for 8 years and to say it's daunting is a little bit of an understatement.

I work part time at my local Marks and Spencer (they made me permanent after my temp job last Christmas. I love them. Alot. Too much. Ahem.) in the cafe. They work to a two week rota 'week 1' and 'week 2'. It basically allows them to have greater flexability with hours. I do 16 hours a week, split differently on week 1 and week 2. Every other fortnight is the same. Does that make sense? I work a weekend on, then a weekend off. If I work a weekend, I dont work Friday or Monday either side.. If I have the weekend off, I do work the Friday and Monday either side.. Sounds complex, but once you get your head around it, it works. 

So I work 16 hours a week, in 4 hour shifts. My week day shifts are 10am-2pm. School hours. Perfecto. Monday to Friday I work 3 days. So I am now approaching a period of time where I have two days to myself everyweek.. I plan to take on overtime once the Christmas hours are released.. Until then, I have set myself a little schedule. Plan. Goal. Just to get me through September until life becomes the new version of 'normal' that it will be now that the children are all at school.

Work 3 days.
Gym with my personal trainer 2 days. Do an additional session on my own where time allows.
Cycle to work 1-2 times a week.
Stick with Weight Watchers. Weigh in every other week officially, weigh in privately when I can't get there.
Get healthy.
Be mindful
LOSE WEIGHT. Full stop.

I was gifted a spoon today. A spoon. It made me cry. It's just a spoon. But it's not. It is the gift of mindful eating, of love and of care. Of myself. I adore it.

Eat less. Move more. Craft. BLASTseptember

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