Sunday, September 13, 2015

Recapping week 2

Hi Clanettes
It's been a busy week at Christie HQ. Full time school for all the kidlets and I worked everyday. After school clubs include beavers, cubs, swimming, tennis, football and youth club. Holy batman it's tiring writing it down, let alone ferrying everyone everywhere. And occupying those kidlets not attending said club, but waiting 'patiently' with Mummy. Still, I (we) chose to support the activities and I think giving them opportunities to find strengths and enjoyment away from home is important. Even when I really. Really. Don't. Want. To.

Paul was away this weekend, completing his Personal Trainer training and will receive his results in the next few weeks.
Whilst he was away, we spent Saturday with Rae Rae and enjoyed some sun in the garden.
Rae Raes house means being spoilt and Saturday was no exception, they made salt dough and used biscuit cutters to great effect.

I am 2 weeks into my health make over, and I lost 3lbs this week. 12lbs in total. 
Paul is measuring me for my records. Talking about how much I weigh is excruciating, particularly knowing how hard I worked last time. So I'm talking in measurements instead.
I'm faithfully committed to my weight watchers plan and I like the way those numbers look after two weeks. 
This week I mainly spent my early mornings catching up on Netflix on this bad boy
A stationary spin bike! Or over at the park making the most of the sunshine, brisk walking and using the public exercise machines.

Nick, my personal trainer, has been on holiday for 10 days, and because of my back I declined the option to see a newbie in his absence, so I know I'm in for a self imposed world of pain on Tuesday. I love it. I'm looking forward to it.

Onwards and upwards Clanettes.
Lots of love xxxx

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