Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A quick little update to note how excited I am with how the garden is shaping up and with the help and support planned for Saturday, how clear it will hopefully look by the end of the weekend!!  Not to mention that its my birthday on Friday and of course I'm excited to spend the day being the birthday girl.. yay!

And to note that Amy may well be the fastest, smoothest thing I have ever dreamt about, but she has a sting in her tail - her saddle!  The kidlets went to Rachels last Saturday night so Paul and I went for a 34 mile bike ride..  started great, loved the pub, but we (I!!) definitely limped home!!  Ow ow ow my poor sit bones!!  I have been out on her since and it is improving, but my word, it dampend my cycling spirits!

Have a great 4 day jubilee weekend if I don't write again beforehand x x

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