Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Run fat girl, RUN!

Hello blogees! We have had a busy few days, in the middle of which Brenna turned 4 years old. More so than with Lochie, I can't believe 4 years has gone by. I remember sitting with my Dad, a teeny tiny Bebe asleep on my lap and listening to Barack Obama give his inauguration speech. I remember watching the Olympics and thinking, the next time this happens, Bebe will be 4... Well here we are! We had a good day.
She asked for a CD player with CDs, and Niamh enjoyed Bebes new vanity table for a bit of hair brushing..  Note their matching jumpers!

After a spot of pot painting, where all the children made themselves new cereal bowls, Barbie arrived in the form of a birthday cake (Thank you Magda!) and Bebe was delighted.

Not only was the outside a sight to behold, the inside was just as pretty and it tasted great too!!

I am feeling really fit and strong right now, and my triathlon training is going well.  After running for half an hour last Weds, Lucy took me to the gym on Friday night and we ran 5k.  I walked for 60 seconds at minute 27 because my hip ached, but that was the only slow down and I managed the whole thing in 40:38 - I was delighted, even if I thought I might die at 4k and couldn't have done it without copious amounts of support from Lucy!  After our run, we then did 30 lengths in the pool.
On Saturday I did 17 glorious miles on my beloved bike, with Emma.  17 miles is slightly over the 25k I will need to do in June.  Then after Bebe went to bed on her birthday (Sunday), Lucy and I went out and cycled 13k, followed by a 2.5k run and it was ok!!
Monday was a rest day, so yesterday (Tuesday) I went for a 9 mile easy cycle followed by pilates and tonight ran 5k on my own (no slow minute, so at a continuous speed for 40 mins) followed by a 30 length swim with Lucy...  AND BREATHE!!  Sounds a bit mad when you type it out and re-read it like that :-)

I am so thrilled and delighted to have found a sportive to ride with my Dad, just 4 miles up the road from them, on the 10th June! We will do the 30 mile route, which will end up circa 38 miles by the time we cycle to and from it and Paul will do the 60 mile route.  Whoop whoop!!  I have realised that I have two events in June, and then nothing until October and need to rectify this.  I simply won't keep up my running if I don't have a challenge.

In other news, I have been designing some Christmas bunting to sell in our folksy shop and when we were camping last week, Holly reminded me how to crochet, so I've been having a dabble at starting a little throw or similar for our sofa..

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