Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Tangled Muse

I have been lucky enough to get involved with a craft collective, with some very talented people who don't mind my bold and slightly child like simple sewing antics.  The main site showcases all the bits and bobs, and then the folksy shop is where you can get your happy little hands on art, photos and bunty bunting amongst other curios.  Its very exciting and I'm thrilled to be a part of it all!!

The sewing maching hasn't been in action as much over the last 10 days because of camping (mentioned below) and the packing and unpacking shifting a family of 5 takes.  However I did make a yoga bag, complete with pockets and fully lined.  I am really pleased with it.

I was signed off by the physio on Tuesday, which I was delighted about because despite an ongoing weirdness in my toe, I feel great.  My back feels good people!  Finally!! And yesterday I ran straight through for 30 mins.  If you look at my last post, I mention gritting my teeth at 7 minutes and then 14 minutes..  well there was no teeth gritting at 30 mins - just lots of sweat!  I covered 3.8k in the 30 mins and now need to work on my time, I think I will be happy if I can manage 5k in 40mins.  Since I couldn't even run FULL STOP in January, I am astounded by my progress.  The scales were kind as well this morning and I have lost 2st since I started this shenanigans :-)

In other news, we spent the Beltane weekend camping at the Sus Centre and it was COLD.  We had a great time nonetheless and I will leave you with a selection of photos.


  1. Great photos - and I LOVE the yoga bag! Where did you get that beautiful fabric??!!

    1. The fabric came in a bundle I was given, so I don't know :-)