Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sew triathlon terrific

We had our first bunting order through from the Tangled Muse shop this week, so I got to do some legitimate sewing - my favourite kind.  The order was for Christmas trees, a bit of a head bender in May, but I soon got into the festive swing and am pleased with the results.
Despite lots of exciting ribbon and button shopping, none of what I ordered was quite right to hang the trees from and as I seem to always say 'the ribbon can make or break the bunting', I finally settled on making my own bias binding from some cotton quarters.
Speaking of Tangled Muse, we are now a .co.uk website - go and take a look at the great collection of art, photos, felt and textiles on offer!!

http://www.tangledmuse.co.uk/ to browse everyones work

http://folksy.com/shops/TangledMuse to make a purchase or place an order

Allan, Paul's Dad, came to stay at the end of last week and he kindly painted the girls bedroom a gorgeous shade of pink. Bebe is so thrilled with it, and I have to say I am in love with the colour too - I'm delighted to finally get their bunting up - and the bedding my parents bought the girls finishes it all, so everyone is VERY happy!

Paul smashed his first triathlon last Sunday, he was such an inspiration!! It was an exciting morning and I was delighted with the amount of people that turned out to support him :-) His bike time was astonishing, and he averaged just over 19 mph! My heart could burst with love and pride for him x x


And after the inspiration of seeing it all, Lucy and I went and did our own version, as a training run, in our tri suits last night at gym! 400m swim, 6k bike ride, 5k run... Delighted.

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