Monday, July 22, 2013

Last day of term

Tomorrow is the last day of the school year and the biglets break up for the summer - 6 weeks off! They both had very specific ideas about what they wanted to do for their teachers to say thank you. Sadly, I said no to all their ideas. I think I have mentioned before that I am very much trying to teach them that homemade is the the best type of gift - and this is no exception.
 They are both very crafty - probably nurture over nature there, so once they were in the swing of it, it was no problem and Lochie went to town. He chose to make a turtle out of pipe cleaners and pom poms and his card reflected that.

Bebe went with a pink flamingo and a drawing in her envelope.

This is the first summer that they are both aware of having a 6 week break and that we have different activities planned. I have mocked up an A3 calendar to show the days of the 6 weeks. I hope it will be a good way for them to recognise time passing - to accept that some days will be free and without plans! I am going to ask them to fill it in on Wednesday and then we can cross days off as we move through the summer.
Similarly, Sainsburys were doing a 'Big book of Summer' which I couldn't resist. It is basically a scrap book pack, with stickers, with a second book of activity ideas. I know Lochie in particular will enjoy journaling this summer!

As of this Friday, Paul is on annual leave for 2 weeks and we are cramming a lot into our time.. I am going on a road trip to Glastonbury with Lucy, then we are dropping the kidlets with my parents for 3 days whilst Paul and I go to Wales with friends for a half Iron man. During the second week of Paul's annual leave we are camping for 3 nights with other friends for Lughnasadh, our annual August camp, and then Paul and I are handfasting (marrying) Elle and Johny the day after we are home..
Phew! A busy couple of weeks - I CAN NOT WAIT!

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