Sunday, July 21, 2013

My week in pictures

I have tried really hard this week to take a picture of one thing every day - sometimes a couple of things, sometimes just a 'selfie', but a picture nonetheless.

Its been a busy, HOT, one. I took an official stand this week, I drew a line in the sand (ok, there was no sand) but I did say 'enough is enough'. And whilst I can't share the details with you, and I may never be able to, I can say that I stood up for myself and whatever comes next, I did the right thing. Cryptic I know, but as I always say.. this is my blog.. about me! (If you know me personally, feel free to ask me next time I see you!)


Look at the amazing tissues that Vikki treat me too. I do love a good skull!

Zebra bunting for Elle's birthday! When I was recuperating, I knitted Lucy an 'Ugly cow horse' (what it lacked in beauty, it made up for in love!) anyway, at the time Elle jokingly challenged me to make her a zebra.. Zebra bunting much Elle?!

I had lunch with Lucy today - they have now gone on holiday. Happy holiday Lucy!!
Bebe needed a super hero costume for school.. After a bit of faffing we hit upon the idea of mask.. Cue some cardboard, attached to some sunglasses.. and lots of glitter! As modelled by Niamh, mid photo bomb!

We took the toddlers to a local ruined Abby for a run around.


Paul and Adam, with their charity hats on, came to the store and cycled on their turbo's for 6 hours to raise awareness for Neuroblastomo!!  Total combined mileage was 180.5!! And they raised over £150. They brought balloons, t shirts and an elephant costume.. Great!

Saturday night:
And in the evening, I went for a meal and cocktails to celebrate Elle's birthday, and non-hen night.
I always seem to wear this dress on a night out (like I go on many!!) but as Beyonce has Sacha Fierce, so I too have... Well, I'm not sure what her name is, but she deffo likes a tight leopard print dress and heels!
In league with Elle's hubby, Vikki and I set up a game of Mr and Mrs and obviously I needed my game show glasses and Bebe's barbie microphone..
 A selfie with Elle's sister, Sandy
 More cocktails..
Elle herself! HI ELLE! Loving your zebra corsage!

Ending on a bit of a high.. We had a fab family day today, and spent most of it swimming at Pauls gym. I went to the gym on my own late this afternoon and after my usual round of bike/cross trainer I hopped on the treadmill.. Its been a few weeks since I last tried and decided against running.. This Thursday sees me at 4 months post spinal fusion.. And today I ran. Ok, what I mean is I ran 1 min, walked 1 min, then ran 2mins, walked 1, ran 3 mins, walked 1 min.. and then continuously ran for 4 mins. That's 10 mins in total.. BLOODY AMAZING!! IN YOUR FACE SPINAL FUSION!!! I feel like this is something I can start building on maybe. It felt 'achievable' for the first time - rather than feeling like I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I'm not sure I'm making sense. But anyway. My fitness is good, my back felt solid, like I could train it to run again and 4 mins on the treadmill didn't kill me. Win!

I'm ending the week with another Selfie.
Personally I'm in a good place right now and I can't ask for more than that.
Thanks for reading xxx

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