Sunday, July 14, 2013


Let me start by saying its been a HOT one! Our wall mounted thermometer showed 40 degrees C at 3pm this afternoon...! The kind of heat that hits you like a wall..!
Anyway. On Saturday I went to work like I 'always' do, this has become our norm and Paul and the kidlets have settled into their own routine on a Saturday. I had all my overtime paid last Friday and whilst obviously the money is a huge and massive bonus, I have realised that having a job is more than just money, and I am finding my sense of self worth. More than working the shop floor, which brings its own rewards, I am enjoying using my breastfeeding information sharing skills - Vikki and I are set to write our BF blog for Kiddicare right through to November (The next installment goes live very soon!) and we now have flyers on the shop floor.
In addition to the BF flyers, I littered the store with flyers for an event next Saturday that will see Paul and his colleague Adam, in their NB heroes guise, come into store for a charity cycle-athlon. 6 hours on a turbo trainer! KILLER if you ask me - and I know my turbo trainer.

Then on Sunday, Paul went to London to run the London 10K (also known as the British 10K - confusing!) so whilst he was running around London with his charity team, the kidlets and I set up a water slide in the garden.. then once they were amused, I, obviously, hopped on the turbo!
The water slide was a MASSIVE hit and amused them for most of the day - once they understood the action of propulsion that is!
Niamh likes to keep me company when I'm in the shed. And when I wasn't in the shed, I was busy with some sewing - to be revealed soon!

Only a week and a half to the 6 week summer holidays! I am looking forward to having no weekday routine.. I am dreading having no weekday routine :-)

Thanks for reading Clanettes x x

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