Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Summer has officially started! I was going to call this blog post 'Finished!' but Lochie, peering over my shoulder, made the wise comment that school might have finished, but it just means that the summer has started.. Very true!

I like planning, I like knowing roughly what is going to happen and when. Call it a personality quirk. But it pleased me no end when the Bigs jumped on my summer planning idea and their journals after school this afternoon! Yay!  So we spent some time planning, arranging and decorating.. Everyone is very excited for the next few weeks.
This is the A3 'calendar' I put together yesterday. Lochie wrote in our current planned activities and Bebe decorated the bottom. I don't know if you can make out all our plans, but the 2 red coloured weeks show Paul's annual leave. Lochie has asked that we add new activities to it as we go along, and that we cross off days as they go so that he knows where we are in the 6 weeks. Fine by me!
Then I produced the scrap books - each pack has two books in.
An immediate hit! They have already filled in their first entry for 'start' of the holidays. Niamh was not so bothered with hers, I knew that would be the case - she is after all only 2 - but I also know that there will be days when she wants to colour the same as the Bigs.

(Please also note, I have blogged 3 days in a row now.. UH OH!! I'M BACKKK!)

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