Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bike ride

Emma and I went for our first bike ride of the year this morning! It was GLORIOUS! True to our cycling history, it was drizzling as we left and it soon turned into heavy rain, before easing off just as got home.
I was massively nervous. Emma has kept her cycling up this year, doing a big sportive in the summer and regularly cycling to work. This was my second leisure cycle of the year, and only my 6th road ride...Eeeek! 
As soon as we got out into the country I remembered what it is to fly on a bike and most if my nerves disappeared. My cardio fitness is great, and I didn't struggle with the hills as much as I thought I would. Having said that - I was  done at 15 miles!

I hope this was the first of many autumn/winter rides Emma. I have missed cycling with you and your comradery - rain or shine xxx

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  1. I have REALLY missed cycling with you, I have enjoyed cycling with others but it's not really the same. I am resigned to the fact that you will soon overtake me even with your spine fusion accessory! Your continued cardiovascular fitness is amazing, keep going girl, you are doing so much more than most people who have not had major back surgery as your blog testifies! I think cycling outside is an important part of the spiritual development (referring to your other post) as well, connecting to our world which doesn't really happen in the gym I'm guessing. So good on different levels. May we be blessed by further drizzled rides!