Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nutritious November

A member of a Facebook group I'm also a member of, has set herself the challenge of feeding her family on £100 a week throughout November. I love the idea of setting yourself a strict budget and being inventive.

I used to meal plan religiously, bake everything going and feed us all for peanuts. Then fusion occurred, cue laziness, then my job happened, cue less time for baking (excuses I know!). Then juicing became a way of life (for me, not my family) and I became even less inspired in thkitchen.  Cue easy (dull) one pot meals.


For the month of Nutritious November, I pledge to feed my family the best food I can for £80 a week and I'm going to blog the entire thing. Oh yes Clanettes, I'm going to shop around for the best deals, keep track of my expenditure, whip up a veritable feast in the kitchen. And log it all on here. The good, the bad and the hungry. You KNOW you love it.

I'm in the fortunate position of going into November with a well stocked larder, and a good amount of meat in the freezer. We eat a good mix of supermarket own and value brands, and the only real rules I'm setting at this point are:
1) All meat and eggs will be of a good welfare standard
2) Any corner shop 'tops ups' will need to be emergency only, the cost scrupulously recorded and then deducted from the weeks allowance.
3) I will use to do all my shopping and save money!

So the 01st November is a Friday. We have been at my parents this week, and I have spent some time looking at the supermarkets and their delivery 'options'. My usual supermarket of choice is Tesco, this is more out of habit than actual preference. In the Uk the 4 main supermarkets that deliver shopping are Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda. I think of Ocado, I think Waitrose, I think expensive. I know they brand match, but that doesn't help when you don't necessarily buy branded food.. Sainsburys I think is more expensive than Tesco, and I always think of Asda as being cheaper than Tesco.. I like to think Tesco offers value at a snobby band higher than Asda. It is time for me to lose my pre-conceived supermarket ideas and actually go back to each website with fresh eyes.

Their byline reads 'Get FREE DELIVERY any day on orders over £100 delivered between 13 October and 1 November. Orders below £40 will be delivered for a £6.95 charge. You could still get delivery from £2.99 - £6.49 when you spend just £40.'

Here the deal is an introductory 'delivery saver' price of £15 for 3 months. Usual price is £24.

As many deliveries as you need over 3 months. Choose any Groceries home delivery slot. Minimum order value £40. Great value – the same as £5 per month – no auto renewal. Standard delivery on ASDA direct and George. Or choose a one month delivery pass for only £8. Use your pass on groceries immediately and use on and Asda Direct in 24 hours.
Tesco 'Delivery Saver' starts at £7.50 a month for delivery anytime on Tues/Weds/Thurs. Choose any delivery slot on the days your plan is valid regardless of cost. Pay upfront or spread the cost with monthly payments. Minimum order value of £40 with up to one order a day. Priority access to Christmas.
Upon logging into Ocado, the first time this year, they offer me a monthly 'Smart pass', where the charge for delivery on a Tues/Weds/Thurs is £2.99 a month, for a minimum of 6 months. Bargain! It then lists 776 items that I can have for discounted price by purchasing the 'smart pass'. My minimum order value is £40.

Well now. Waitrose want to offer me £5 off my first £75 shop, £10 off my second, £15 off my third, £20 off my fourth and £25 off my fifth £75 shop... If I shop 4 times before 17th December, they will give me a £25 voucher to spend in January.. TEMPTING!! 

HOLY COW. Deliveries from Waitrose are FREE. Minimum spend £50.
So at this point in the plan, Waitrose and then Ocado wins. Hands down wins on their 'Smart pass'. But what will say once I shop for my food - will they still be cheaper...?
I'm on the edge of my seat Clanettes!

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