Friday, November 1, 2013

Saving money on my food shopping...

Yesterday I went through all my options for online food shopping and the cheapest way to get food delivered to the house. Following the astonishing revelation that Waitrose may actually be the cheapest way to embark on this plan, I set to the freezer and checked out current food supplies.

I hold my hand up, I am starting November very well stocked on meat and bread, and on packed lunch snacks. This will make the first couple of weeks shopping to budget, very easy.

My four main points of attack are:
Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan! Everything. Scrupulously.
Buy seasonal fruit and veg.
Bulk buy where appropriate.
Make small savings - ie we can have UHT milk in porridge, and fresh milk on cold cereal.

So this is our meal plan for the next 7 days

 After I had my meal plan, I went online to and began ordering my food. is marvelously easy to use and every time you select something that is being sold cheaper if you buy an alternative, it flashes up and lets you decide on the savings to be had.
It also has a nifty little barometer that shows you how much your shopping costs at each of the super markets as you go along.. You can see that Waitrose was the cheapest when I bought like for like at each supermarket,
But it wasn't the cheapest if I wanted to buy cheaper brands (ie Tesco own brands) and in that case, the cheapest, Tesco, could save me £8.52.

So I decided to use the cheapest brand total, placing Waitrose in fourth place, and work out my totals when I included vouchers and delivery charges etc.

Waitrose shopping total £78.64 - £5 voucher (and no delivery fee) = £73.64

Tesco shopping total £70.12 + £5.50 delivery fee = £75.62

So Waitrose came out on top saving me £1.98!! This also means I have £6.36 to spend on sundries should the need arise, before I hit my upper limit of £80 for the week. It also means that I have a £10 voucher to spend on Waitrose next week..

Lets see what the shopping looks like when it arrives! Well done for getting this far Clanettes, keep with me! Ha ha!
Lots of love x x x

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