Monday, November 25, 2013

Lochlan's 7th birthday

Lochie turned 7yrs old today. He had a party yesterday and has spent two days being the centre of attention and loving it.

This is my account of his birth, as I wrote it at the time (there are many things I would edit now, but then it would be the story it is!).
Lochlan was due on Wednesday 15th Nov…
I had been eating Pineapple, walking everywhere, taking raspberry leaf capsules and using clary sage oil for days and nothing was working.

Wednesday 22nd Nov
Lucy gave me a massage and some reflexology to try and get things moving!

Thursday 23rd Nov
As a last ditch attempt to try and shift Baby (we knew he was a boy, but didn't decide on a name until a couple of days after he arrived), we had Madras for tea. Horrid curry! I now know why I always have a korma. I ate the whole thing tho… washed down with two pints of water. Yuck!

Friday 24th Nov
Cramps and niggles all day. I thought I was reacting to and digesting the Madras!
First thought I might be in labour half way through ‘Deal or No Deal’ 4.39pm – I dismissed this thought as pure fantasy tho!
Cooked Paul and I tea - bangers and mash with yorkshire puds.
Spoke to midwife – Jill – at 1915 who told us to continue as normal and see how we got on
Pool went up in the kitchen at 2000 – just in case, you understand!
2100 Watched 'Torchwood' as normal
TENS machine on at 2300 when I finally admitted I was in labour
Went to Tesco for essential supplies (mars bars!) at 2330

(I should point out that the times are so specific because I kept yelling at Paul to record the times of everything as it happened on the white board in our kitchen. Remembering everything is so important to me.)
(He claims that I kept shouting ‘Did you write that down?’ so he’d go and do it, only for me to yell ‘Where the hell are you?’ Lol. Sorry Paul x x)

* Saturday 25th Nov
0030 – back from Tesco, pains increasing
0040 – Phoned midwife, she recommended having a bath and going to bed, then phoning her when I couldn't talk through the pain (HA!)
0040 Had a bath – TENS machine came off (TENS does nothing for me)
0125 Both got into bed
0440 Paul asleep - this hurts too much!
0540 HUGE 'show'
0550 Paul started filling pool
0635 I got in the pool
0715 Rang Jill to come out
0810 Jill arrived
0840 Out of pool for an internal exam – 5/6 cm dilated
0900 Gas and air - thank goodness (I got thru 4 bottles in the end)
0940 I got back in the pool
1045 First urges to push
Shelia, my second midwife arrived at some point
1317 Lochlan born – 8lb11oz - I ended up being stood up by my bed and giving birth in a squatting position in the smallest place in our bedroom! Both Jill and Paul were desperately trying to see what was going on using a tiny hand mirror! My only real memory of the actual birth is reaching down and feeling his head as it started to emerge and thinking how slimy it was!

I was able to deliver the placenta naturally and cuddled Lochie for an hour on our bed, chatting to my Mum on the phone, before the cord was cut by Paul.
We are both big, dark haired people, and I marvelled at how we had produced such a lean, beautiful, faired haired baby.

Once I'd had a shower and Lochie was all cleaned up, we had to ask Jill how to use a nappy.. perhaps there is method to attending antenatal classes!
My Mum, Dad, Sister, B-I-L and Gwamma came to visit us that evening and brought vital chocolate cake and champagne. Then we settled in bed for a our first night as a family of 3. 

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