Wednesday, November 20, 2013


At the goddess conference I went to last month, our womb blessing was very much focused on our matriarchal line and acknowledging out ancestors. I was lucky enough to pose for this photo this week, four generations of women. A couple of cute boys in there too.
Following on from the conference, I was inspired to create an affirmation board this month. I have filled it with things that inspire me, and I look at it in bed, or when I'm doing yoga. I adore it, and the items I have either collected or been given.
It was the full moon last night, and I went to the second of my new circle meetings. Despite my beliefs, and my use of oracle cards, I don't believe in 'signs' - I believe that signs are all around us, but I don't believe they are always interpreted correctly, so it's hard to put much stock in them!

Despite saying that, I knew that Niamh was on her way, before I knew I was preggo, and I knew I was going to get my job at Kiddicare because a colleague in my interview group (who i still work with!) had a tattoo with huge significance for me.
As an aside, I find it strange that I never got any signs or inkings about my fusion (aside from the back ache!), but I often put that down to the fact that I'm still not comfortable with it in my life. Can you actually see signs about things that you want to ignore?!

Anyway! I am trying to change/improve my future at the moment, proper brave changes that require input and determination and I have done a couple of big things towards that in the last week. 
Tonight we each pulled oracle cards at the end of circle. I pulled 'Lady luck', the certainty and realisation as I looked at that card struck me as properly as seeing my colleagues tattoo. I just knew.
Maybe I need to re-think how I view signs. Maybe I need to lose some of my cock-sure-ness. Either way, change she is a comin', and Lady Luck is definitely on my side.
Where else would she be?!

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