Friday, November 15, 2013

Nutritious November - half way through

I may have been lax at keeping you updated, Clanettes, but I haven't been lax with my shopping, my budgeting or my planning!

So far this month I have done three online food shops with Waitrose, using to make the best use of deals and taking advantage of my incremental saving code. I have two more codes to go, next time I will save £20, and the time after that I will save £25! As a reward, I will get another £25 voucher in January.

Below are summaries of my three delivery totals:

Totals without promo codes £80 + £100.93 + £97.46 = £278.39
Totals with savings and promo codes £74.14 + £79.51 + £72.32 = £225.97

£278.39 - £225.97 = £52.42 it


Ahem. Anyway.

The challenge is going well as you can see. I have done one 'top up' shop at the pound shop, because they sell branded snacks for, well, a pound! I spent £7 on that trip and I am still comfortably within my challenge budget.
Because I am planning so well (which I admit is soooo dull, Wednesday comes round so fast!) I am finding that I don't need to do co-op top ups and I always have food in... gasp! Shocker!

Paul came home with a new recipe book for me yesterday, so next week I might try something new.
I'm not sure waitrose is a long term solution for us, because I don't know if I will be able to shop smart enough once my beloved promo codes are gone. It may be a case of shopping at different online locations alternately, and figuring out where everything is cheapest. One thing is for sure though, waitrose do the best quality fruit and veg in my experience and their eggs are brilliant. I almost want to gush and say that they even make wholesome coco pops - if you see what I mean! Everything just feels quality, and whilst I do love a bit of quality, I also love a lot of food and I think alternating my shops going forward is going to get me the best all round options.

Maybe that's a challenge for December!!

As ever, thanks for sticking it out and reading this far - you know you love it - especially you Clare, my newest known reader!

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