Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Food shopping update

Clanettes! Its half way through the first of my 'Nutricious November' shopping weeks, and we are doing really well. I can't tell you the joy it was to receive the shopping from Waitrose last Friday. The chap was lovely, brought all the shopping in for me and generally made me feel like I was the only important customer in the world!
I had a small little cheat involving the purchase of a tub of ice cream over the weekend, but I'm over looking that. Yesterday I did a small top up shop in the local co-op, more because the reductions were so great, than because we actually needed the food. I got 2 bags of spinach, a pack of bagels and a punnet of plums for a total of £2.05 - who can turn that down!

Our meal plan looked like this -

We tweaked Sunday night, because we had left over Nut butter soup, but apart from that we are on track! I am frustrated that its only Tuesday and I have to think about next week already, and make a plan and order my shopping to come on Friday (This is why I always get behind/run out of food/lack inspiration!) but I will crack on and get it sorted.

Since incorporating 'juice' into my diet (see here), and trying to watch my refined sugar/processed food intake, I have found that Nakd bars are a real treat. I have also experimented with making my own!
Equal parts unsalted cashew/raisins/dates, flavoured in this instance with cocoa and orange essence.
 Blended until it is smooth
And then popped into the fridge to 'set' before being cut up into portions. The children have these in their lunch boxes too. They are circa 130 cals per portion (I could obviously lower this by making the portions smaller, but frankly, they are so delish that you need a decent mouthful!) and to keep the cost down, I generally buy 'broken cashews' from my local Indian supermarket, £4 for 750g, value raisins from tesco and dates from a health food shop - its hard to buy dates from a supermarket because most brands are injected with sugar!! Arg! Then cocoa and orange essence.

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