Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Its always about running really

I am finally, finally, really comfortable running for 20 mins. I do a fab brisk 5 min warm up, then run for 20 mins followed by a 5 min cool down walk home. The first couple of those 20 running mins are tough whilst my body adjusts and my rhythm settles, then its 'easy'.
Now that it's dark by 5pm, I don't like running over at the park because it isn't lit and I feel vulnerable. I've been going to the gym but it just isn't the same - and getting there and back and faffing, doubles the time I'm out of the house, so tonight I thought 'sod it' and decided to go for a roadside run.
The trouble with roadside running is picking a route that will fit your time/intended mileage and that isn't isolated. Plus it was FREEZING tonight!! Brrrrrrrr!
Paul lent me his handy cap with a little light in it, so I was able to see at any points where the light was poorest and off I went.
The route was quite hilly, very different to the flat circular track that I use in the park, but I knew and expected that, and with the chill in the air my lungs immediately protested. Even so, I was thrilled with the run. Absolutely thrilled. You can see from the data below that my run tonight (13/11) was 22secs quicker than the same distance 12 days earlier (01/11).
Lucy and I went for a seaside run and Christmas lunch last December, and we have decided to do the same thing this year. I feel like it will be good closure for me, finishing this year, the same way I finished last year. I am hoping to push myself and try for my first slow 5k.. I'm really hoping to get in a couple of 4+k runs in the interim because I'd really like not to struggle massively on my first fused 5k run!

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