Friday, October 18, 2013


A small, random, difficult to write post, to say thank you to the universe. After a couple of years away from organised Wicca, last night I was lucky enough to be invited to share in a new meeting circle, and tomorrow I am going to a local Goddess conference.

There is a thriving Pagan community in Hampshire (as there is everywhere!) and Paul and I were massively active within it until a few years ago. Life moves on, children are born, plans change and you realise that some things aren't as important as they once seemed. We have not kept in touch with many of the old gang, for one reason or another, and I, rightly or wrongly, have always felt quite hard done by. I was never sure if my step back from local organised Paganism was entirely my choice.

Last night was hosted by a lady I have known 10+ years. We have come together and been separate again on many occasions, and when we were asked how we knew each other last night, this lovely lady was able to recount many happy memories of our Pagan escapades before the children arrived.

I said this was a random post!! A post written for me, rather than you Clanettes. Apologies.

Anyway. I really enjoyed last night, I can mix it up any way I like, but ultimately I am most happy in my spiritual skin when I have other people to share it with. I enjoy standing in a circle and feeling alive - and being able to share that with other people who 'get it' and who are also in the moment, is the best bit of all.

Thanks for reading x x

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