Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Juice detox take 2!

I did a 3 day juice detox last August (see here) and I have embraced juicing ever since - I generally have a juice for breakfast most days. Jason Vale released his latest offering '5lbs in 5 days' and I immediately wanted to join in. The one thing juice detoxing taught me last year, was that its massively easy to consume stuff your body just doesn't need. I was hugely strict off the back of last August, and then as time passed I became more relaxed (and positively went crazy with delicious food throughout December!) but have generally settled into a happy 80/20 pattern. I am lean and mean with my food choices 80% of the time, and relax over the odd muffin or glass of wine 20% of the time. It works for me. As does the gym - I spent an hour on the cross trainer tonight!

As much as I was looking forward to getting involved with this detox, I took a 'food holiday' last week and enjoyed a variety of foods that I wouldn't normally dream of eating (not even in my 20%) like mars bars! Oh how I love a mars bar. But actually, I don't rate the gratification for the cals consumed, so normally steer clear. Not last week! Which in turn meant I was expecting the 'grey' death I experienced last time.
Not so!! Clearly my 80/20 rule works, and whilst my food holiday had a damaging effect on the scales last week, it hasn't effected my overall ability to deal without sugar and other conveniences. Amazing!

My weight normally hovers around 13st 08lbs, a couple of pounds either side of that is where my body naturally resides now (a nice size 14 if I do say so myself, oh yeah!). Happily just inside the defined 'healthy' BMI range. Following my 'food holiday' I was 14st 06lbs on Monday morning.... BOOOOO! So I'm hoping to be under 13st on Friday! I lost 9lbs on the 3 day detox last August... What will happen this time!
I downloaded the app to help me, and I make my own juices using my beloved juicer. Its always reassuring when you see what you have made looks vaguely like the original!!

My juice is darker here, because I add wheat grass and spirilina powders to boost the nutrient value.

I prep all my fruit the night before, then juice and decant it into sports bottles so I'm ready for anything during the day.

And my evenings have looked like this - herbal tea/carbonated water and lemon, last juice of the day and an SOS bar. Jason Vale obviously sells his own, and I was lucky enough to try one (they are an acquired taste!) but I have opted to stick to my fave Nakd bars instead.
I'll be back to update on weight loss and final thoughts. Needless to say, I feel great right now!! I also miss food. I am looking forward to making informed choices - and chewing - on Saturday!!

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