Sunday, January 12, 2014


We are back at school, and work, and back into 'normal' routine. I am doing over time and volunteering at the hospital, I have fit in exercise where appropriate and I'm about to embark on a juice fast. I thought as I drove home this evening, Little mix 'change your life' blaring, that I am feeling content. It's been awhile since I have been able to say that. I always seem to be striving for bigger or better, pushing myself sometimes unnecessarily, because everything I need is here if I know where to look.

This week Niamh and I embarked on a new fun group, and she really loved it. I enjoyed seeing her enjoy herself and doing something specially just with her.
She goes to another group on a Monday, here she is playing with Livvi.
The bigs went back to swimming. Lochie is now a grade 4, Bebe a grade 3. They both went in at the deep end for the first time this week.
Lochie went to the theatre in his own with Beavers this week. How did he get so big?!

Paul has been poorly this week, and whilst it's horrid when you're poorly, it has when nice to have him at home!

I find it hard to talk about all the things I would change about last year, I find it even harder to talk about all the things I wish I had goals set for, for this year. But it's getting easier to be content in the moment. I am finding fulfillment in myself away from sport, and I didn't realise the crutch it was, until it was taken away from me. It isn't the be all and end all, and yet I can recognise that I do need it in my life - in a way that benefits my body!
The other thing to note, yet again, is how good yoga is for me. I spent the whole day on an active dept. today and my back is getting so strong with lifting. I can really notice it. It is good!

I went straight from work to volunteer at the hospital again this evening. I really enjoy the time I spend there, I feel massively useful. (Finally!) Tonight I was lucky enough to sit with two incredible mums. The first mum had lost her first baby at two weeks old, she was so worried about her new baby and I was privileged to sit and listen to her talk through her birth story. The second mum, with her first baby (Orla! Beautiful name!), was a total feeding dream and a delight to talk to and support. I got to have a cuddle too. Definite perks!

So clanettes, I feel like I'm going through yet another period of growth and renewal, thanks for sticking with me! 
5 day juice fast this week, I'll update on that later.

Lots of love xxx

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