Sunday, May 5, 2013

Team work

My grand parents generously gifted Lochie a new bed, and because he has the tiny 'box room' we decided that a cabin bed with a wardrobe, desk and shelves underneath it was the way to go. The bed is a full size single and weight bearing to last him til he is a teenager. A great investment.

Paul put it all together yesterday, and with a little team work we made short work of it. (By 'short work' I mean 6 hours and by 'we' I mean Paul and Lochie. The girls floated about and I mostly sat in a chair on the landing offering advice.. Taking photos.. And occasionally making coffee.. Spinal fusion. You know.)

We took the opportunity to have a big clear out and sort long overdue outgrown clothes and toys.

A very cathartic day - and a very exciting day for Lochie ❤

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