Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So I was in bed, having a well earned rest. I've had spinal fusion you know. I'm allowed to wallow in bed.

Apparently not.

Paul bounded upstairs and suggested he sort me out a go on the turbo. Peeking out from the cosy covers I had a tonne of reasons why it wasn't a good idea.

Off he popped, only to come back a short while later and tell me it was all set up in the sunshine, and the only thing stopping me was myself.

Damn it. There is nothing like a bit of shame to get me up and running. Turbo-ing.

So I got dressed and using my supports, both physically and metaphysically, I got on the turbo.

I can't currently reach my handles, and I don't have the core strength to keep upright for long. But I did the hard bit. I got out of bed and had a go.

I'll leave you with some cheesy action shots. I'm feeling very pleased with myself right now!
Thanks for reading xx

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