Wednesday, June 19, 2013


If you have read my blog from cover to cover (if not, why not!?) then you will know that I am a breastfeeding peer supporter, I part qualified as a BF counsellor with the NCT and I'm an all round pro breastfeeder. I'm not militant, formula has its place, and my eldest did just fine on formula, but I am very much of the opinion that if you want to and if you can, then you should have the support to enable you to.

A colleague of mine (Vicky Tucker) at work hit upon the idea of 'Demo days' where we take one specific product and demo it in an environment where you can see how it works. For example, high chairs. We set up a couple of high chairs and invite customers to have a play with them and talk about weaning. Informative and potentially good for sales. Anyway, she got Vikki (my friend and colleague Vikki, well documented on this little blog with glasses of wine and moustaches! See here for one example of a night out!) onboard and Vikki suggested me..
Well this kind of snowballed, and somehow Vikki and I agreed to host an informal peer supporter BF Q&A session last week in store. Cept Vikki doesn't normally work on a Saturday, and couldn't change her family plans, so I got my act together and put on a one woman show. We didn't get it all down quick enough, so it wasn't well advertised, and we relied heavily on in store tanoy promo, but I LOVED the day. I cracked open all of my NHS freebies and went to town. Getting all the slings and washable nappies out again was a particular high light too!
Hi Vicky Tucker!
Then it all kind of snow balled again and now Vikki and I have a BF colomn in the Kiddicare magazine..! Exciting doesn't even cover it!! If the first one is well received we've been asked to produce something something every 3 weeks!

How is that for an up beat post Clanettes!! One week off and I'm back with the best news!! Watch this space, I will of course gush all about it!
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