Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My birthday weekend

Despite announcing to the world that I was NOT doing my birthday this year, I was, as I am lucky enough to always seem to be saying, hugely spoilt by my nearest and dearest. The whole weekend was pretty busy and I enjoyed it.

We had spent the previous week staying with my parents for a few days and my mum, my sister and I did some SERIOUS shopping. I have pretty much a whole new wardrobe and it totally cheered me up! I saw my old friend Katie Lake for coffee and it was great to catch up.
We came home on Thursday and I went to Aquafit (with Vikki, Elle and Lucy) in the evening.

On Friday I met Lucy at the gym super early (just before 7am!) and we totally killed it - I have posted about my running already. During the afternoon I met up with my MD friends (MD is a nickname for our group of mums who met at the BF clinic and who like to get together to drink tea and eat (lots of) cake!). They were super generous given that I am NOT doing my birthday this year, they gave me a 'voucher' towards a little road trip I am planning with Lucy at the end of July. A little later I saw Vikki and Elle again and they super spoilt me even more. You are so kind and generous to me ladies. I have no clue what I did to deserve you, but I am so grateful for your friendship!

On Saturday (birthday actual) Paul and the children treat me to cards and pressies in bed, before Paul dashed off to register for the Half Outlaw middle distance triathlon the following day - in Nottingham! Over night! Lucy and her family came for lunch, and despite me NOT doing my birthday this year, I was hugely spoilt. Lucy, it was the perfect mix of nonchalance and candles. Thank you. I can't wait for our 2 days away - can I call it a holiday? I think I'm going to x x

So my sister in law (Hi Claire!! Thank you so much!) arrived on Saturday afternoon (from Cardiff) to take care of the kidlets whilst I went to work on Sunday.. We spent the evening lounging in our pj's, watching BGT and eating cake.. Nice!

Whilst I was at work on Sunday, Paul destroyed the Outlaw and completed the 1.2m swim - 56m bike - 13.1m run in 6hrs 13mins!! AMAZING!!

I'll stop gushing and leave you with some pics. Thanks for reading x x


  1. You are very lucky to have such lovely friends who clearly know you so well. Happy birthday, and I look forward to seeing the creations with the fabric!