Friday, November 2, 2012

A Samhain inspired craft afternoon

I talked here about Samhain being important to us. Today we saw the Tippers and swapped our Sabbat wreath.

We try and keep our wreaths quite natural and nature inspired, apart from at Samhain. At Samhain we go to town and glitter goth our wreaths up.

I went all tinsel for the Tippers 

Lucy went all New Romantics for me. Just how amazing are these wreaths! My front door looks fabulous dahling!

We got busy with some Samhain inspired craft activities for the children. I really enjoy making Mandalas (I talk about them here and here) and we decided that the Kidlets could have a go using magazines and glue, but actually it became a decoupage session - something I whole heartedly embraced!
Oh look, Sarah made yet another skull! I do believe the skull, with a heart coming a close second, may well be my emblem!
I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.. The children, or me..!!

Another activity we like to do is sugar skulls - fondant icing skulls, or fondant icing shapes anyway! Only most of it gets eaten along the way, because thats half the fun!
This plastic severed hand comes with a matching foot and the game in our house at the moment is to hide the hand or foot in the most random place possible.. The boys are pretty inventive! Dave won today, with a severed hand in the sweet tin!

A lovely afternoon. Thanks for reading xx

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