Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly round up

Clanettes! I need a snazzy new name for my training posts! GFFE is over, but I have decided to keep myself motivated by tracking my training and 'Weekly round up' just doesn't cut the mustard! Come on, please help, leave your suggestions in the comments and the best one wins all the kudos.

I set up a competition on Motoactv to see who could do the most miles (running and cycling) in November, but no one is interested over there - anyone here fancy a bit of friendly banter?  can just track one or the other if you prefer? Let me know!

So, training this week.

Mon, Tues and Weds were rest days after my epic week last week, (I loved that Daily Mile emailed me to congratulate me on my 'gnarly training' last week! Hell yeah!) whilst we visited my parents. The children have been on half term, and we got up back at home on Thursday morning and I was over taken by a NEED to burn off some steam and go for a run - so we all went!
There is a park with a track over the road from us, we can see it from our house its so close. The running track was specifically put in for people to run on. Its exactly 200m from start point to finish point and 25laps is 5k.
Lochie and I took it in turns to push Niamh (who was eating her breakfast!) in the pushchair, Lochie did the whole thing with me (he also took a nimble tumble on his botty taking a corner to quickly!), and Bebe did some amazing cheering.
So it wasn't my fastest or most focused run, but it was great fun - we had even convinced Bebe by the end!

Vikki lives over-looking the park, and we waved to her as we went home. She kindly offered to save the kidlets from the same fate on Friday morning and let them seek refuge at hers, whilst I went and did another run.
Friday morning was tough. It was freezing, and my lungs wheezed up immediately. I chose a silly route that wasn't long enough, and included two big inclines which totally wiped me out. Then to get to 5k I had to finish with 5 laps of the track. Frustrating!

This morning I decided to make it a trio and I headed off to the gym, where I cycled 10k and ran 5k. Tomorrow is a rest day, so for this week, I am done!

W/C 03/11/12
Cycled: 10k (6m)
Run: 15k (9m)
Swim: 0

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  1. Loving the sound of your crazy-with-three-children run!!! Cold air makes it hard doesn't it- I experienced this today. xx