Thursday, November 1, 2012


Its half term Clanettes! So we descended on my parents for two nights and got everyone into the festive Samhain/Halloween spirit - yes, even my Dad!
My Mum and I threw a very last minute baby shower for my unsuspecting, but very pregnant Sister, Emily. We managed to rope in her besty, Lisa, and in a matter of minutes we had a party going.

As ever, it was a fusion event - Halloween cockery (no, I don't travel light!), spooky accessories and party bags, Christmas attire and babyshower gifts.. Nigh on perfect.

Would you believe my beautiful sister is 39 weeks preggo? My nephew, Leif (rhymes with safe), is due next week - how neat does she look!
 We gave Ems a hamper, a few bits and bobs we had been collecting for the arrival of Leif.
 Obviously I made him bunting!
 The girls got their Christmas legging foodie dance on!
Say Cheese!
 We carved a pumpkin
I gave Ems a pedicure
 The kidlets got their wrestle on
 We had party bags
 and biscuits. Perfect!

Not bad for an ad hoc throw together, I'm sure you'll agree!

Lochie and I are quite sure that all the best boys have names that start with 'L', and are born in November - There is soon to be double the evidence.

Emoose. Happy November! This is the month that Leif will be born! I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to meet my nephew. Trust yourself and you won't go wrong. Love to you and Dans. Bestest x x x


  1. Love the Christmas legging foodie dance - so cute!! :)
    Happy November!! :)