Monday, November 12, 2012


We have been busy eating exciting treats at our house - baked by the amaze-bake-balls Vikki and me.

Last week, Vikki treat us to some fabulously festive treats in the shape of Frankenstein and ghosts..
Frankstein was a marvellous mix of marshmallows, rice krispies, glitter and chocolate.
I managed to smoosh the last ghost before I got a good picture, so here is the ghost in zombie form! A rich tea finger ingeniously dipped in white chocolate... sooooooo good!

This week I made a big batch of biscuits - one lot to toast Leif and the other for my friend Emma's birthday.
 Biscuit dough
Hearts and bunting (The best things in life!)
Leif's biscuits
Emma's edible bunting..

Its good to really enjoy the treats you eat - I have tried to adopt the rule this year, of absolutely loving the treat I am having, or else its a waste of cals and not worth it.... well, most of the time, anyway!


  1. Now that I'm off the challenge I've told myself the same thing - if you're going to eat something, then enjoy it. Don't just eat for the sake of eating coz' that's when I'll regret it later. I definitely don't want to waste the calories! I hope the approach works :)

  2. Love love LOVE the edible bunting and I am blatently going to steal the idea. But I will link your blog when I blog about it :) xx