Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sum it Up Sunday

Today is Lochie's 6th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOCHIE!

I did a quick 5k on the exercise bike, followed by a swim. 36 lengths in 25mins.

Lucy and I went to the beach for a run, in the wet and wind.. with Niamh in the pushchair! The headwind was fierce, it took your breathe away and we were soaked within minutes but we battled on and really enjoyed the 7K. Treating ourselves to a coffee afterwards!

 Niamh slept for half the run, so she was clearly nonplussed by the weather!

I am having an issue with motoactv watch, because it registered the route, but no stats, then stopped recording and started recording again. Frustrating.

'rest' day

I went to the gym with limited time, so I warmed up on the exercise bike 5K in 12 mins and ran 3K in 20 mins, before cooling down and stretching.

5k run with Paul whilst in Reading. 

Saturday and Sunday
'Rest' days enjoying a birthday boy weekend - a post on that to follow, naturally!

W/E 25.11.12
Cycle: 5k (3.1miles)
Run: 15k (1 x 7k crazy run, 1 x 3k treadmill run and 1 x 5k road run)
Swim: 900m (1 x 900)

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