Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly round up

Pretty low key exercise week here - far too pre-occupied!!

Nice easy swim: 25 metre pool x 30 lengths = 750m in 25mins

Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fri
'rest' days

Early morning 5k run over in the park, it was nice and mild - if wet!
A good even pace really - the two speed dips were for dog walkers, annoying because it may well have been under 33mins without them and that would have been a new time PB. It was a tough run though, in terms of my head space. I really struggled to get myself round. Laps of the park are no different really to running on a treadmill - bit samey, boring even, but a good constant to train with. I have created a good new running play list, so I had music motivation, I just struggled to get the job done - after each lap my head told me to go home, rather than to get the next lap done! Frustrating!

Today Lucy and I went to the gym for opening, we had a cycle, then Lucy went on the tread mill and I couldn't face another run today, so I used the posh stepper and then we had a swim. The pool is quite busy on a Sunday, the fast lane is quite fast (compared to a Monday night ladies only session for example) so I thought I'd have a go in the medium lane. The medium lane was just slow enough to be annoying, so I slipped into the fast land and killed myself trying to avoid being hugely annoying to all the people going faster than me! A great swim!

A friend of mine Jo, writes a great blog about her exercise exploits and I wanted to shout her out - Jo inspires me in many ways and not just with exercise, although she definitely inspires me to swim harder, and with different pool music! This post here really sums up how I feel about running and cycling too. I NEVER thought I would be able to run, let alone enjoy it (sometimes!), and although re cycling, I am perhaps less of a rabbit watcher on a summers evening and more of a peloton wanna-be, I can really relate to her musings.
You have achieved great things in the last few weeks Jo, you are already a triathlete!

W/E 11.11.12
Cycled: 10k (6miles)
Run: 5k
Swim: 1500m (2 sessions)
Gym: Elliptical machine, 1k's worth of stepping 

Winter acceptance peeps! Accept it's (almost) winter, modify how you train and get the job done!

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  1. N'aaaawwww, thanks Sarah, back atcha for the inspiration and admiration. We really need to arrange something in 2013 for us to *do* together.... any further thoughts about an open water swim? I know it's a little far for you, but Great Manchester swim is 20th July? I know a great hotel, over-looking the Quays?!! GNS is 15 June... even further I know. But just saying :-)