Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shed part 1

As I'm sure you can imagine, we have A LOT of bike paraphernalia. Paul and I have 2 bikes each, the biglets have a bike each, we have a bike trailer, a bike seat, a bike tag-a-long and a bike rack.. numerous tools and cleaning gadgets..We are also a family of 5 living in an end of terraced 3 bed house without garage, drive way or other storage.. Its been pretty cosy for the last few months.

Yesterday some nice chaps from Solent Sheds came and laid down some concrete and then next Monday, they are coming back to put a shed on it! A mahoosive 12ftx10ft beast of a timber building, bigger than Lochie's entire bedroom, that Paul and Lochie are already dubbing 'The Boys Shed'.  Fine, fine boys, you have your shed, cold and damp at this time of year.. How about I claim the other half of my kitchen back.. suitably free of bikes!

So here is the madness that is laying down concrete when you live 30 metres from the road and don't have side access to your garden..

They were great, even cleaned the kitchen floor when they were done. Roll on next Monday!


  1. Did the concrete man mind you taking his picture with his wheelbarrow? :-)

  2. Bet it's going to feel great to have everything properly stored away!