Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly round up

A great exercise week here. I have felt strong and 'constant' during every session, I just feel capable at the moment - do you know what I mean?!

As I posted at the time, I ran a new PB at the gym on Monday night on the treadmill. 5k in 33mins. Followed by a swim. 32 lengths in 25mins.

Tues, Weds,
'rest' days

I went back to the gym without a plan really, just to go and burn some cals. I had a great session on the exercise bike. I warmed up for 15 mins, broke myself for half an hour and then cooled down for 15 mins and totalled 20K.

A typically sweaty shot of me

And one of the amazing supper I had when I got back. 2 crumpets, soaked in one egg, and dry fried with bacon and drizzled with honey. Hello goodness!

Friday and Saturday
'rest' days

I have decided that Sunday mornings are my favourite workout of the week. I spend all week thinking about when I can fit in a session (and then dreading it!) that I really enjoy that for 2 hours on a Sunday morning its all mine and all about me. No rush, no stress, just me and my ability.
Today I met Lucy at 7.30am and we went for a run. IT WAS COLD. 0 degrees to be precise! My lungs wheezed up, my thighs froze and I wondered what on earth we were doing. Then the sun came out and all was right with the world. 
I managed to end my workout 1k before the end, frustrating, so the end of the run is logged separately.
I followed the run with a swim and set my second PB this week. 30 lengths in 17 mins. I am delighted!

This morning would have been the perfect time to take some amazing photos of running in the frosty sun, but naturally I didn't have my phone. So you'll have to make do with a shot of the snack I ate when I got back - Cottage cheese, apple slices and rye crisp bread. Yummers!

W/E 18.11.12
Cycle: 20k (12miles)
Run: 10k (2 x 5k runs)
Swim: 1550m (1 x 800 and 1 x 750m sessions)

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  1. You are doing an amazing job with your running and swimming!! :) Congrats on your PBs!

    Love the quote a the end!